Speaking at the first ever PHP South West

Ryan gives the first PHPSW talkLast Wednesday (1st September 2010) I had the privilege of giving the first ever talk at PHPSW, a new PHPUG for developers in the South West, and Wales. PHPSW has been put together kindly by Stuart Herbert, a great guy who I have had the pleasure of meeting briefly at past conferences and seeing give his talks on Twittex and Living With Frameworks.

Our venue for the evening was Bush House, a nice place with perfectly sized meeting rooms for the 15 guys who attended.

The talk I gave, was a rehersal for my talk at PHPNW10, which is entitled ‘Zend Framework: Getting to grips‘, and is aimed at  developers who have made it past the first steps of Zend Framework, and are moving on into the realms of developing their understanding, and exploring the quirks and nuances.

The audience!

My talk went down well (at-least, nobody fell asleep), besides a few mistakes on my part when putting my slides together, and gave me some valuable experience to ensure that things go smoothly at PHPNW10, and a huge thanks has to be said to everyone there once more for all the feedback, you’ve given me a much needed confidence boost!

Afterwards, it was time to head downstairs to Arnolfini‎, where we all got to mingle and socialise, and discuss all things geeky and wonderful, which is quite a refreshing experience having only experienced such pleasures when attending conferences.

It was also a pleasure to see a few guys who I have encountered over time on IRC, and also to see and appearance from Rob Allen, author of Zend Framework in Action, whom I have come to regard as a friend over the years from both IRC and bumping into at conferences over the last few years, and was kind enough to give me permission to use the pics he took for this post. Another pleasant surprise was the presence of Marcus Degalos, who will be hosting the framework shootout at PHPNW10, and is a Bristol resident, so hopefully we can expect to see much more of him at future meetings.

If you’re in the south west or wales, and you’re a php developer, come and sign up to the mailing list, and get yourself along to the next meeting. See you there! The next scheduled PHPSW meeting will be on Wednesday 13th October 2010 (Venue TBA), so we can pick apart and share our experiences of PHPNW10!

(Before anyone asks to see the slides, they will be available after PHPNW10)

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    It’s nice to read your conference logs.. I find it informative and also inspiring. And your style of doing it is cool!


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